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 “Humanity’s next great threat—autonomous weapons. They believe their versatility and capability will make autonomous weapons the Kalashnikovs of tomorrow.”

CULVER CITY, California, November 2017 —  Indefensible Productions, LLC has optioned the geo-political thriller novel, INDEFENSIBLE by Thomas Banks.  Indefensible Productions, LLC was formed exclusively to assemble a super team to produce this movie.  “When I read Thomas’ book about the threat of weaponized micro-drones in the hands of embedded terrorists, I just knew this would be an amazing story to bring to the big screen,” said Marc Griffith, Manager, Indefensible Productions.

INDEFENSIBLE’s setting is global, as Moktar Barakat the terrorist leader highjacks a corporate jet carrying leading autonomous drone engineers.  One quiet morning America is awakened to Barakat’s plan as an airliner arriving into Southern California is destroyed.  Soon you learn no place and no one is safe.  INDEFENSIBLE doesn’t require the suspension of disbelief but rather acceptance of the inevitable.

Banks’ writing technique is distinct, refreshing and grounded in his solid foundation in technology and aviation. For over three decades, Mr. Banks has focused his talents on computer technology innovation.   When he turned his attention to an imminent threat – autonomous weaponized drones – his novel INDEFENSIBLE quickly became a reality.  Banks’ novel has been embraced worldwide and today he has over 46,000 Twitter followers.

“I was stunned to see how quickly INDEFENSIBLE was embraced by readers across the globe.  Their reviews, comments and coming together on my Twitter feed (@droneon1) was overwhelming.  All share the same opinion, INDEFENSIBLE needs to become a movie. I can’t wait to introduce people to INDEFENSIBLE on the big screen,” said Thomas Banks, author of INDEFENSIBLE.

"Just got back from my vacation in Cancun and wanted you to know I read your book while there.  Oh my, what a page turner!!  I read it in just one day — couldn't put it down!  Exceptionally well done!  Rich, deep characters, great three-act structure, compelling, technically riveting, will make an outstanding movie!" said Dave Ross, President of Dean River Productions.

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