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Every leap in technology brings with it consequences. Today, drones are on the verge of demonstrating their benefit to society. Unfortunately, like all technology, they too will yield unintended consequences.


Drones have become embedded in pop-culture and everyday life from hobbyists seeking entertainment to useful applications in business, Search and Rescue, Fire Fighting, and unmanned automated delivery of products. 

Unfortunately, like smartphones and GPS, drones will change the way we do everything…even terror specifically with regard to the asymmetric target rich nature of the United States. 

Indefensible introduces the reader to a new and frightening terror regime—Lone Wolf Technology Jihadism. Operating independently, Technology-Jihadists will be coordinated by remote leadership through social media guiding armadas of weaponized autonomous drones.  New-age Jihadists will operate invisibly within cities and towns driving their mini-vans and delivering C4 and biologic laden weapons within a few miles of their targets releasing their merciless vehicles on their autonomous journey to destruction. 

Albeit C4 laden drones are frightening. Unfortunately, the logical inclusion of biological contaminants such as Anthrax or RICIN is apocalyptic. Regardless of payload, swarms of micro-drones flying close to the ground are invisible to radar, catastrophic and indefensible. 

No target will be safe from this new-age attack system as autonomous weaponized drones swarm airliners, buildings, or outside gatherings of unwitting citizens. Drones have not only changed the tempo of warfare, they usher in a new era of remote and impersonal terror.

Indefensible doesn’t require the suspension of disbelief but rather acceptance of the inevitable.


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